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Homeschool Library Builder This online website provides a wide selection of books & readers which can be extremely helpful in enhancing your homeschool library.

Homeschool Community Service Ideas This online website provides many recommendations & ideas which homeschool parents & students should consider as community service projects.

Little Giant Steps Founder, Jan Bedell, M.Ed, is a Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalist & author of Rapid Recall System, which is for math mastery, and a multi-sensory curriculum to help students gain, store, and have permanent recall of their math facts. Early Learning Foundations, Levels 1, Level 2, Level 3, programs for pre-school, kindergarten, and first grades, create improved learning abilities and make learning easier. All benefits are due to the specific brain organizing, processing, neuro-pathway development that accompanies the curriculum utilizing "The Neurodevelopmental Approach," as explained in this free educational article. Regardless of whether the student is gifted, typical or special needs, neuro-efficiency helps all reach their highest God-given academic potential.

SpecialKidz Houston's first and only premiere website, exclusively dedicated to improving the lives of our Special Needs Children!

Texas Home Educators (THE) This online community serves homeschoolers by offering a discussion forum for topics such as homeschool styles, philosophy, books, curriculum, events, and laws.

The Wessels Living History Farm This online website provides over 400 stories about the history of agricultural innovation and the history of the 20th century. One of the site's strengths is that it relies on a series of oral history interviews. These streaming media segments can bring an historic period or event alive for students today.

Wikipedia This online encyclopedia has definitions of many topics; two particular entries cover Texas homeschooling: